Save Money & The Earth

Save up to 80% using your own fresh ground gourmet coffee over pre-filled Keurig K-cups. 

Eco-Friendly: In 2014, there were enough discarded K-Cups® to circle the earth 10.5 Times.  With MetaCups, there are no more K-cups to throw away. 

$7.97 $10.97

Use Your Own Coffee

MetaCups are a reusable, refillable K-Cup® coffee filter providing the convenience of a K cup. Use your own fresh ground coffee with the simplicity and speed of your Keurig® brewing system. No longer do you have to sacrifice quality or flavor. You control the strength or lightness of your next cup of coffee in your single cup brewer.

$5.47 $7.07

Premier Quality

MetaCups are 100% BPA free and are made of a solid, single body construction which eliminates failure at the hinge. The MicroMesh stainless steel filter technology minimizes sediment or sludge found in the bottom of your mug. The unique design of the dynamic water flow distribution system ensures a smooth brew every time.

$10.97 $17.97