MetaShop Shares Their Lifetime Guarantee With Customers

MetaShop demonstrates customer loyalty and quality. Reusable K-Cup backed by a lifetime guarantee.

May 12, 2015 - Clinton, New Jersey -- Many products offer a guarantee, however, it typically only lasts 30 days, 90 days or 1 year. In fact, it is no coincidence many companies guarantees expire just before a product fails. This is calculated, as they understand the precise life cycle of a product. Ending a warranty or guarantee just before it fails is good business.

However, there are still many companies that believe in and stand behind their products 100%. Many companies remain loyal to their customers and are willing to go the extra mile and prove it with actions. Those who search can still find these companies and their products by looking for Lifetime Guarantees. 

One such company still providing a Lifetime Guarantee is MetaShop with their MetaCups 1.0 Reusable K-Cup Coffee Filters for Keurig brewing systems. In fact, MetaCups Lifetime guarantee is a 100 No Hassle, Free Replacement Guarantee on the reusable K-Cups they sell. 

"We are proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our reusable K-Cups" said a sales executive of MetaShop. "We are committed to our products, our process and most importantly our customers and there is no better way to communicate this message than through a lifetime guarantee."

MetaShop will replace any reusable K-Cup that a customer has a problem with during it's lifetime, free of charge. 

MetaCups 1.0 reusable K-Cups are an environmentally friendly alternative to pre-filled K-cups. There is nothing to throw away after brewing a cup of coffee. Further, the coffee drinker can control the strength of the brewing process by placing as much or as little fresh ground coffee in the reusable coffee filter. This is not something that can be done with a K-Cup. In addition to controlling the strength of coffee, Keurig brewer owners will also save up to 80% over pre-filled K-cups.

An Amazon review of 5 stars by Dez said, "I got this for my older Keurig machine in my office and it's awesome! Now we can brew our own coffee."

About MetaShop

MetaShop is a coffee accessory company committed to enhancing coffee drinkers lives with superior experiences and developing trust through customer service excellence with 100% satisfaction.

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