MetaCups Reusable K-Cup Is Selling Big During Sale On

Reusable K-Cup Coffee Filter Offers Options To Coffee Drinkers.

May 13, 2015 - Clinton, New Jersey -- A new product launch of reusable K-Cup coffee filters recently hit Amazon and has become a bona fide option for all coffee drinkers who own Keurig brewers the world over.

The MetaCups reusable K-Cup coffee filters by MetaShop features the ability to brew any coffee in Keurig brewing systems offering the best tasting cup of coffee brewed in a Keurig machine. It is guaranteed to work in Keurig 1.0 brewers, the same as any pre-filled K-Cup.

The MetaCups reusable K-Cups are made of premium quality plastics that are built to last and is 100% BPA (Bisphenol A) free. Combine the durability with the uni-body construction, which eliminates the lid falling off at the hinge, and this K-Cup is ideal for any home of office setting. 

In addition to working in 1.0 Keurig brewers, using reusable K-cups costs up to 80% less to brew a cup of coffee than it does with a prefilled K-Cup. The significant cost savings comes from using any fresh ground coffee, which typically costs less by the pound than a pre-filled K-Cup costs by the pound. Additionally, choosing fresh ground coffee brews a significantly more flavorful cup of coffee since the coffee was just ground. Pre-filled K-cups sit for months at a time leaving the coffee old and stale and tasting bitter and weak. Further, when using a K-Cup that is reusable, the coffee drinker can control the amount of coffee being used to brew a cup of coffee. Those that prefer a weaker or stronger cup of coffee finally have an option via a reusable K-Cup.

Many customers have been sharing their experiences with the reusable K-Cups on Amazon, such as William who stated, "I have purchased many reusable K-Cups over the years and they have all left nice deposits of coffee grounds in my cup. While I did appreciate the savings vs buying pre-filled K-Cups I did not enjoy the added treat. These K-Cups, however, maintain a tight seal around the lid leaving me without the little floaters in my coffee. These truly deliver the full K-Cup experience while allowing me to chose the coffee I want to drink at a fraction of the price of purchasing them from the grocery store."

The MetaCups reusable K-Cups are backed by a lifetime, no hassle, free replacement guarantee and are currently available on at a promotional discount rate of 29% percent off. Nevertheless, the sale ends soon so those who are interested in the limited time price reduction and are intrigued by how a reusable K-Cup can enhance their coffee drinking experience should consider acting soon. 

If the right to choose fresh brewed coffee in a Keurig brewer is important, then the MetaCups reusable K-Cups could be the answer many have been searching for.

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