Fantastic Initial Customer Reviews On Amazon For MetaShops Reusable 2.0 K-Cup

2.0 Reusable K-Cup off to a strong start. Receives high praise from first customers.

May 9, 2015 - Clinton, New Jersey -- MetaCups Reusable 2.0 K-Cup from MetaShop are made to work in Keurig 2.0 Brewers providing coffee drinkers of the Keurig brewing system an alternative to pre-filled K-Cups. The result is a saving of as much as 80%, a fresher, better tasting cup of coffee and an eco-friendly option to traditional K-Cups.

MetaCups 2.0 reusable K-Cups provides customers with innovative options in niche markets where gaps remain unfulfilled. Known throughout coffee circles, many Keurig 2.0 brewer owners have few options when it comes to choosing and using fresh ground coffee to save money and brew a better cup of coffee in a Keurig Brewer. MetaCups 2.0 has been addressing this need to the delight of their customers as evidenced by the reviews stated on

One of the first reviewers, Jerry, loves the 2.0 reusable K-Cups from economical standpoint, "I can't wair for tomorrow morning to make a cup of coffee with my MetaCups 2.0 Reusable K-Cup for Keurig 2.0 brewers! Right out of the package (which was very nice) the MetaCup 2.0 is esthetically pleasing to the eye. I loved it from an economical standpoint, which is the reason I was interested in it MetaCups 2.0. In addition to saving money, I love how the reusable K-Cups reduce the trash and impact on the environment. I have been in love with my Keurig brewer since I got one. Makes great coffee, easy and fast. But I noticed that the cost to brew a coffee has increased since I upgraded to the 2.0 Keurig machine and I could not use my old reusable coffee filter anymore. This has been frustrating. The MetaCups 2.0 was the first Reusable Coffee filter for 2.0 Keurig brewers I was able to find that did not require a hack or stickers on the filters. Something I would never do. To top it all off, the MetaCups delivered a great cup of coffee. Delicious, fresh, with my coffee grind. It is easy to clean too. This solves all my Keurig 2.0 brewer problems and I will definitely buy a MetaCups 2.0 as a gift for a Keurig coffee drinkers in the near future."

MetaCups reusable 2.0 K-Cups were designed to address 3 primary needs of every Keurig owner: First, work without the need to use any stickers or hacks to work in a Keurig 2.0 brewer. Second, allow the Keurig coffee drinker to select fresh coffee to brew in a Keurig 2.0 brewer and third, save money using reusable K-Cups over pre-filled K-Cups.

"Amazon reviewers have continued to share fondness for the reusable 2.0 K-Cups, as they are filling a real void for Keurig coffee drinkers," says one MetaCups executive.

The 2.0 K-Cups also have a number of features, which many reviewers have found important. They are durable, have a uni-body construction, are easy to clean, are dishwasher safe, and are good for use in the office. 

Shoppers who are looking for reusable 2.0 K-Cups that will work in Keurig 2.0 brewers may consider the MetaCups 2.0 from MetaShop. They are currently available from Amazon.

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